Who will stand by you, if life takes an unexpected turn? 

Your healthcare proxy can be your voice.  It's a position of honor.

We're on a mission to ensure everyone has a healthcare proxy, and plant 1000 trees in honor of these vital relationships.  Trees represent the strong and stable force that a healthcare proxy can play in your life. 

Pick a Proxy & Plant a Tree

Choosing a healthcare proxy can be the most important part of an advance care plan.

Act by April 30 and we will plant a tree in honor of your proxy. 

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1. Choose.  Who would you want to be your voice in a medical crisis?

2. Speak.  Tell them you would be honored if they’d be your proxy.

3. Act.  Visit MyLivingVoice.com and create a free account to document your choice of healthcare proxy.

Your proxy breathes life into your plan. 

Join our movement, choose your proxy, and plant it forward....

#PickAProxy #PlantItForward #NHDD21


HubSpot Video

Nathan Kottkamp, Founder of National Healthcare Decisions Day

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Phil Martin, Executive Director, Honoring Choices

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Elizabeth Johnson, Executive Director, The Peaceful Presence Project

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Jeff Zucker, Co-Founder ADVault & MyDirectives

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Judy Thomas, CEO, Coalition for Compassionate Care of California

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Sarah Hines, CEO, Grief Advocacy

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Edo Banach, President & CEO, National Hospice & Palliative Care Organization

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Laura Trammell Dawson, Oklahoma Hospice & Palliative Care Association

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Dr. Jessica Zitter, Vital Decisions Co-Founder & Mark Zitter Chair, The Zetema Project

Unsure Where to Start?

Our blog post will walk you through step by step how to pick your healthcare proxy. Click the image to get started:

Pick a Proxy Steps 1

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